"Unique and inspiring read! The author takes you through a very emotional life journey - one filled with love, loss and betrayal - as she searches for answers and the path to happiness. I can’t wait for her next book."
Heather Renee, Amazon Reviewer
"What a great story and an interesting journey. It helped give me a new perspective and a deeper insight into my own trials and how extraordinary life can be, if only we can see it. Thank you Michelle for sharing this. It will change lives." Amazon customer

Elephants Never Lie

An inspirational journey from despair to joy for one empath who writes her own memoir to discover the multi-dimensional aspects that lock her into despair and the spiritual principles that free her into joy.

Are you an empath who has taken on worlds of pain? Are you a soul living what society has told you to live and are now lost? The pain and the lies create a shadow that paints on the canvas of our lives. Release the shadow. If you wish to unlock some spiritual truths within your emotions, this book is for you.

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"A luminous story that swept me off my feet! At once mystical and gritty, Elephants Never Lie cracks us wide open to the power of consciousness, the rapture of love, and the beauty of who we really are."  -Kirstyn Lazur, Author of I Was Cursed in Connecticut
Book Cover by Duane Redwolf Miles and ArtofFrequency.com

Elephants Never Lie Overview

Awakened in the midst of despair from lost love, Rebecca meets one of her personal angels face-to-face, yet this meeting doesn’t deliver Rebecca out of her despair. She meditates and prays but the results are impermanent and she wonders how she'll become reconnected to the spiritual side of her existence ever again. With an anguish so deep, she has no where to place it except to pen and paper. This is just the beginning of her memoir, a writing that unleashes layers of pain before it awakens her to the joy of being alive.
The act of writing her own memoir takes Rebecca on an inner journey across lives and worlds, unlocking spiritual truths on how to free herself from despair. Seeing her thoughts in writing uncovers a consciousness of anguish, one in which she was before unaware.  Anguish takes her into a past life where she becomes a spirit guide to her own self as the young Anna who is dying from heartbreak. Watching the life and death of Anna reveals demons and gifts and a choice between the two. This experience gives Rebecca the determination to explore her gifts, the same gifts that Anna had forsaken, and to use them as a way out of fear and into happiness.
Once free from fear, Rebecca awakens her spiritual gifts and travels halfway around the world to finish her memoir. It is there with the prayerful people of Bali that she makes her higher mindset concrete, and it is her memoir that frees her into a life of love.
"This work is imbued with love and inspired me to make a major life changing decision." Albert Wessel, Author of Irene