Writing Your Story Can Bring Clarity to Your Journey #writingheals

The author, Michelle Faith Lucas, offers seminars and events to assist you in bringing awareness of any shadow-aspects that may be holding you back in life, by getting your story onto paper. You can book Michelle for your event by contacting her at Michelle@CreatingForward.com and also check for her events at Creatingforward.com.

Read below for another amazing opportunity to become a 1st-time author.

Your Memoir Matters

Writing your story not only brings about soul-healing, but it also gives others a chance to do the same by reading your story.  I am very blessed to work with the extremely talented author and editor, Kirstyn Lazur.  She can help you with the creative process along with editing your manuscript.  Please check out her website by clicking the button below.

AMAZING OPPORTUNITY: Michelle & Kirstyn are offering 2 people a chance to become 1st-time authors with us. Please send a synopsis of your story of 'darkness to light' through Kirstyn's webpage below. Deadline is March 21st, 2020.

Kirstyn Lazur,  Author of I Was Cursed in Connecticut

At twenty-six, Kirstyn Lazur is numb. Her mother is dead.

Desperately looking for answers, she is mysteriously drawn to a psychic shop in New London, Connecticut. There she meets a psychic who says that a powerful family curse has befallen her. After following instructions to remove the curse, Kirstyn is eager to leave the past behind and moves to Los Angeles, California to start anew. But when she meets a man and falls in love, the curse returns and threatens to destroy them both. Ravaged by physical pain that cannot be addressed through conventional methods, she is forced to do something she promised she would never do again: see a psychic. It is not until Kirstyn uncovers the truth about the curse that she is finally able to set herself free.

I Was Cursed in Connecticut is a memoir about loss and the reclamation of power.
​A fusion of normal and paranormal, humor and heartache, it is a reminder that curses come in many forms.
Breaking them is accomplished with the most potent magic of all: the truth (and love) within.